How to Know if Fear Has Infiltrated Your Body

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Have you ever felt suddenly anxious or “on edge” and didn’t know why? There are many reasons why we might feel fearful at different times. We get scared about things like physical danger, accidents, natural disasters, and so on. These are all situations where fear can be helpful because it triggers the “fight or flight” response, which floods … Continue reading How to Know if Fear Has Infiltrated Your Body

Likert Management System

Rensis Likert and his colleagues at the University of Michigan in the United States studied the patterns and styles of managers for three decades and came up with what is now known as Likert Management System According to this theory there are four system of interaction between managers and their team. Exploitative - Authoritative System … Continue reading Likert Management System

Eight Most Common Leadership Styles

Leadership is a surprisingly complex subject and that numerous factors influence how successful a particular leader may or may not be. Here is a of list of the eight most common leadership theories. 1. The Great Man Theory (1840s)  Great men are born and not made. This theory became popular during the 19th century. The … Continue reading Eight Most Common Leadership Styles

The McNamara Policy

The approach of reducing deeply human processes to a mere figure became known as the McNamara Fallacy, a term coined by the sociologist Circa  !972, the sociologist Daniel Yankelovitch coined the term the McNamara Fallacy. Robert McNamara was an exceptional man. He graduated from Harvard in 1939 and went on to become the first President … Continue reading The McNamara Policy

What is your Story?

The story of Starbucks is well known. And that of Southwest Airlines, and Apple, and Zappos. Costco and Lego too. Countless books have been written about these companies. And countless more will be. Starbucks is not only about coffee and profit. If it was, it will not be interesting. Howard Shultz, in his own words, … Continue reading What is your Story?

Seven Most Common Workplace Issues

1. Inadequate job descriptions Job descriptions should be treated as an employment contract, creating a tool to measure job performance. It is a documented record of what an employee should accomplish in their position and what activities they must perform well to meet those objectives. It is important that job description documents are provided to … Continue reading Seven Most Common Workplace Issues

Live Intentionally

 Our intention creates our reality. ~Wayne Dyer Intention is defined as : “something that you want and plan to do; an aim” Napoleon Hill spoke of the power of intention in Think and Grow Rich, Bruce Lee  once said that if a man went into a fight wanting to bite another man’s ear off and decided that he would do it no … Continue reading Live Intentionally