Decision Making – Why Most Suck At It.

Decisions Decisions (Horton, Point or Green)

There are several reasons why people struggle with decision making:

  • Lack of information: Decision making requires accurate and relevant information. The lack of necessary information to make informed decisions is the biggest source of indecision.
  • Cognitive biases: Cognitive biases can impact decision making by causing people to make choices based on preconceived notions or flawed assumptions. This is the biggest enemy when it comes to decision making.
  • Emotional state: People’s emotions can influence decision making by clouding their judgment or causing them to prioritize short-term satisfaction over long-term benefits.
  • Complexity: Some decisions are inherently complex and require a lot of analysis and evaluation. People may struggle with decision making when they are faced with complicated choices.
  • Fear of failure: People may struggle with decision making if they are afraid of making the wrong choice or failing. This fear can lead to indecision or avoidance of making a decision altogether.
  • Lack of experience: Decision making can be a skill that is developed over time. People who lack experience in decision making may struggle initially.