Some Thoughts on Friends.

Have you ever wondered what is your price? How do the people in your life view you? How much are you worth to them?

For the sake of brevity, let us put aside our family and loved ones aside. We are going to assume that you are priceless for them. Ideally that should be true, if it isn’t, you may want to ask difficult questions and and be prepared to hear painful answers.

In this article we are interested in people who we call friends. What is our value to them? Do they appreciate our company? Do you think they want to be part of our lives?

Without friends, our lives will be less. Less fun. Less colour. Less laughter and less cries. Being social animals, having a group of people we call friends makes our world complete. Friends are important part of our existence on earth.

As our friends influences us in so many ways, I believe we must be a bit more choosy about who we wish to identify as friends. There is no value in having people in our lives that do not appreciate us. We want to have friends who appreciate us and take us for what we are. We want our friends to be truthful to us. To tell us how things are.

Choose friends whom you value and value you back.