Writing List – My Preferred Way


I have used a few techniques to remind mw on things that I need to do in my life. I have used apps, created my own digital reminders, and used purposed built software. I found all of them useful and each has its advantages. However, I keep returning to the method that i first read in Frank Tibolt’s A Touch of Greatness, using paper and pen.

I found that writing a list of things that I need to do on a sheet of paper and leaving it on my desk in the evening is the best way to remind myself on what needs to be done. The act of transferring things that are in my mind to a piece of paper is therapy by itself. The fact that I know I have written down what needs to be done, things that I must focus on allows me to relax and not to worry about forgetting. It helps me to keep my mind clear. And that in turn allows me more focus on the task at hand.

Writing down a list of tasks for the next day allows me to have a more relaxing time at home. I know that whatever that needs to be done tomorrow will be given attention to. I can have the evening and night to focus on domains in my life.

If you have not tried this simple method, why not give it consideration? You will find it simple and extremely useful.