14 Ways To Achieve Your Goal

1. Read Your Goals at Least Twice a Day

2. Think about way to achieve them while showering

3. Be a Giver – give what you want to get

4. Spend Time Alone – meditate on what you have to do

5. See yourself as you want to be

6. Think, talk and act positively – eliminate negative words- you are either building up or tearing down

7. Post a Sign – “what is the most effective use my time right now”

8. Are you actions neutral, punishing or rewarding

9. Expect the best

10. Recognize and give attention to behaviour you want to repeat

11. Always give your best

12. Compare what you are doing to what you want to get

13. Think, talk and act on what needs improving and not what is wrong

14. Act as if your goals have been achieved.