Eight Most Common Leadership Styles

Leadership is a surprisingly complex subject and that numerous factors influence how successful a particular leader may or may not be. Here is a of list of the eight most common leadership theories. 1. The Great Man Theory (1840s)  Great men are born and not made. This theory became popular during the 19th century. The … Continue reading Eight Most Common Leadership Styles

Three Books You Must Read

If you interested in managing your affairs, personal or professional, effectively and efficiently, I recommend you the three books below. I have read them countless times and I have found them to be useful. It is among the best investments I have made. 1. Eat The Frog – Brian Tracy Do not be fooled by … Continue reading Three Books You Must Read

The McNamara Policy

The approach of reducing deeply human processes to a mere figure became known as the McNamara Fallacy, a term coined by the sociologist Circa  !972, the sociologist Daniel Yankelovitch coined the term the McNamara Fallacy. Robert McNamara was an exceptional man. He graduated from Harvard in 1939 and went on to become the first President … Continue reading The McNamara Policy

The Afternoon Slump

To produce good work and to be productive, you will need energy. Low energy hinders your focus and cognitive abilities, inhibits empathy, patience and emotional resilience, and makes you feel less capable and confident. Research has shown that we have two energy peaks each day, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. … Continue reading The Afternoon Slump