1. SET THE TABLE – Decide exactly want you want.  Write out goals and objectives before you begin.
  2. PLAN EVERY DAY IN ADVANCE – Think on paper.  Every minute you spend on planning you can save 5-10 minutes in execution.
  3. APPLY THE 80/20 RULE –  20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results.  Always concentrate on the 20%.
  4. CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES – Your most important task and priorities are those that can have the most serious consequences on your life or work, Focus on these.
  5. PRACTICE CREATIVE PROCRASTINATION – Deliberately put off those tasks that are of low value so you have time to work on what counts.
  6. USE THE ABC METHOD –  Before you work on a list of tasks, take a few minutes to organize them by value and priority.
  7. FOCUS ON KEY RESULTS AREAS – Identify and determine those results that you absolutely, positively have to get done and work on them all day long.
  8. THE LAW OF THREE – Identify the three things you do in your work that account for 90% of your contribution and focus on them.
  9. PREPARE THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN – Have everything you need at hand before you begin.  Assemble all papers, material, number etc before you start.
  10. TAKE IT ONE AT A TIME – You can accomplish the biggest and most complicated job if you complete it one step at a time.
  11. UPGRADE YOUR KEY SKILLS –  The more knowledgeable and skilled you become at your key tasks, the faster you will finish them.
  12. LEVERAGE YOUR SPECIAL TALENTS – Determine what you are very good at doing, and throw you whole heart into those specific things very, very well.
  13. IDENTIFY YOUR KEY CONSTRAINTS – Determine the bottleneck or choke points, internal or external, and focus on alleviating them.
  14. PUT THE PRESSURE ON YOURSELF – Imagine you have to leave work for a month and work as if you had to get all you tasks completed.
  15. MAXIMIZE YOUR PERSONAL POWER – Identify your periods of highest mental and physical energy each day and structure your most demanding tasks around these times.
  16. MOTIVATE YOURSELF INTO ACTIONS – Be your own cheerleader.  Focus on the solution not the problem.
  17. GET OUT OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL TIME SINKS –  Use technology to improve the quality of your communication but don’t be its slave.
  18. SLICE AND DICE THE TASK – Break down large, complex tasks into manageable pieces.
  19. CREATE LARGE CHUNKS OF TIME – Organize your day around large time frames where you can concentrate to do important tasks
  20. DEVELOP A SENSE OF URGENCY – Make a habit of moving fast on your key tasks.  Become known as a person who does things quickly and well.
  21. SINGLE HANDLE EVERY TASK – Set clear priorities, start immediately on your most important task and then don’t stop till it’s done.