Being Excellent in your Job.

To be excellent in your job is not that all difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You might say I don’t know your job and it is really tough, I can understand that. All jobs are easy when you are not the one doing it, yes?

But that does not mean you cannot excel in it. To excel in any job you only need two things. Skill and attitude.

 Every job requires skills. And all skills can be learned no matter the difficulty level. We are all different and have different level of understanding things, you must have a strategy to learn the skills required to do excellent work. Go on a journey of acquiring essential skills for work. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

First get a notebook. Any notebook that you fancy. Write down all the skills you need to acquire in the first page. Then on the following pages, detail each skill. Start with the most important one. Write down why it is important, how it can help you in your work and where you can acquire it. Write down the estimated time it will take you to master each skill.

Sounds simple enough.

Here is the difficult part, keeping doing until you master it. The thing is that you must not neglect learning and doing what you must every day. You must keep at it. It will be boring and difficult, but persevere. This sounds old fashioned, but hard work never goes out of style. If you need help, get in touch with people who can help. many are willing to help if you just ask. The world is much kinder than you think it is.

Now, what about attitude. You need to develop an attitude of endurance and resilience. Honest and keeping things in proper perspective. You must be willing to take criticism and stay humble. Keep your focus and keep a sense of humour. All these are easier said than done but take one day at a time and develop your character.

A job is more than a paycheck. It must make you a better. I am not denying that money is important. It always is and almost no one will work if they are not rewarded. But to only associate monetary gains with your job is cheap and it makes you a slave. Be more than that. Be of service and leave things better than you found them.

Also read great books. That will be your super power.