Keeping Your Workspace Organized

Our workspace is a reflection of your organizational skills. Having a cluttered unorganized workspace sends the message to others that you may be the type of person that loses things or is constantly behind on projects. Taking the time to organize your workspace is a good investment. It not only improves your efficiency, it sends the message to your manager and peers that you are organized.

Here are some basic suggestions to make your desk a true workspace:

  • Only place books, binders, and other reference materials on your desk that you use on a weekly basis. All other infrequently used materials should be placed in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Keep personal effects to a minimum on your desk. Perhaps one or two photos of your family, favorite sports team or pet are enough to personalize your area.

Next, create a workflow pattern on your desktop. This will keep you from creating piles of work to accumulate atop your desk. Here are some recommendations:

  • Create a landing place where you will begin processing work either from left to right or vice versa. This work could come from your paper trail folder system mentioned earlier or just work you have to complete.
  • Move your first task to the middle of your desk where your computer and other office supplies are neatly organized in trays or holders.
  • Once the work is complete, place them in one of four trays at the other end of your desk. These trays are your Outboxes mentioned earlier in the previous module.
  • Mark your trays “To be filed”, “To be mailed”, and “To be reviewed” or “Pending information.

Try avoiding working on too many things at once. This will lead to multiple piles of work on your desk.