Overspending Will Hurt You and Get You Into Financial Trouble

It’s a common scenario. We walk into a store to get one simple thing, and end up leaving with two bags bulging full of whatever caught our fancy. And we do this many times over. Overspending is the number one reason people get into financial mess. In the case of compulsive overspending, the problem is … Continue reading Overspending Will Hurt You and Get You Into Financial Trouble

Budgeting in 5 Simple Steps

This is really easy but many don't do it. They rather watch funny cat videos and photos of other people's dinner.It takes responsibility and perseverance and just like exercising, you see the pay off later.Here are the 5 steps. 1. Know your real income - do not leave anything out including tax refunds and bonuses. … Continue reading Budgeting in 5 Simple Steps

Perancangan Harta Pusaka


Tiada kepastian dalam kehidupan melainkan pengakhiranya.  Mati itu pasti dan selalunya berlaku dengan tiba-tiba. Walaupun kematian tidak boleh dirancang tetapi perancangan boleh dibuat kepada harta yang ditinggalkan. Jika anda berpendapat bahawa harta pusaka tidak perlu perancangan sebab ada hukum faraid, anda harus luangkan sedikit masa membaca artikel ini. Hukum faraid bukanlah penyelesaian kepada  perancangan harta … Continue reading Perancangan Harta Pusaka

How a Financial Adviser Can Help You

Financial Planning

We often purchase insurance, unit trusts and other financial products without really understanding or knowing the amount we should purchase. It is done without proper knowledge. Decisions are often influenced by the sales pitch and our feelings towards the person who is selling. The purchases of financial products must be an informed decision. It should … Continue reading How a Financial Adviser Can Help You