Live Intentionally

 Our intention creates our reality.

~Wayne Dyer

Intention is defined as : “something that you want and plan to do; an aim

Napoleon Hill spoke of the power of intention in Think and Grow Rich,

Bruce Lee  once said that if a man went into a fight wanting to bite another man’s ear off and decided that he would do it no matter what — even at the cost of his own life — he would be very likely to succeed, much more than a fighter who simply defending himself.

Intentions are the beginnings of all actions. The seed that exist in your  heart before you an thoughts emerges in your mind which manifests itself through your actions. It is the why you do what you do.

Having intention gives you focus. Your energy will be utilized productively. Your intentions will keep you motivated and fueled It will help you to find your direction. Intention makes communicating and connecting more powerful and effective.

Live your life with intention.

You cannot  plan a trip if you don’t know where you’re starting from and your destination. The same priciple applies to your life. Living intentionally means taking stock of where you are now (mentally, physically, and emotionally). It means being honest with yourself. And asking what it is you truly want. 

Living with intention and doing the work you need to in order to get what you want will help you develop the discipline to succeed. It will make you unstoppable. Open your eyes and choose to be productive, choose to make a difference, choose to care for the people and the world around you. Live your life intentionally