6 Simple Ways To Earn Respect

Respect, like money, must be earned. Here are six simple ways you can earn the respect of others.

1.       Seize opportunity  that offers increased responsibility

Don’t be afraid to assume more responsibility. Remember, to stand out from the  crowd, you must be more than the crowd. If you are only  doing the same as what everbody else is doing, you will never be more than them. If there is a fund raising project in your company, get yourself involved. If your boss is looking for some extra help with a report he is preparing, offer yourself. Do not worry what others might say, just go about your way and seize every opportunity that will increase your responsibility. 

2.       Do your best in every task you are given

Always give your best. As thesaying goes “Do your best in whatever you do, with whatever you have, wherever you are.” Do not whine or complain if you do not have all the tools or facts to get the job done, quietly go and search for solutions. Improvise. Be resourceful.

3.       Admit your mistakes

Never pass the buck. This will hurt your reputation badly and it may never recover.  The ability to admit mistakes takes courage and wins you supporters and admirers. Most importantly, it wins you respect. You must also have the courage to accept honest criticism. This shows maturity and your willingness to learn.

4.       Stand your ground

Do not be made of glass. Don’t change your principles out of fear or to gain favour. If you are sure of your convictions, have the courage to stand by it. By no means am I suggesting you to be stubborn. Now and then you might have to see things differently. There will be a time you must back down to go forward in life but once you are sure of what you think is right, stick to it.

5.       Take complete responsibility

Your success and your failures are the results of your actions. Where you are in life and where you will go depends on you. So take responsibility for your actions. Do not blame others of your failures.  And understand that your success depends on your efforts too. As Winston Churchill once said, “Responsibility is the price you must pay for greatness”.

6.       Take responsibility for the failures of those working for you

You are responsible for the performance of those under you. It is your job to ensure that they will always give their best. Their failure to do so, is your failure too. Do not run away from this responsibility.  Your ability to accept responsibility for the failures of your subordinates will win you loyalty and respect.