Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is like a roadmap that guides us in our life’s journey. It is a statement of purpose and provides thrust. Personal mission statement must inspire and excite. It must build character.
Here is what you need to write your personal mission statement.
1. Paper and pen, of course.

2. A place you are not interrupted. You need focus.

3. Being aware of yourself. Personal mission statement cannot be written overnight. You must look deep into yourself and know what makes you, you.

4. Know your personality and the roles you play in life: son, father, community leader or social worker.

5. Your personality traits. Write down all the good qualities you have for each role you play in life. Write only the positives. Are you charming? Generous? Optimist? Vivacious? Enthusiastic? Be honest, we all like think we are better than we actually are.

6. Know your beliefs and core values. This is an important part of writing a personal mission statement. Take your time. Ponder upon this. Write down all your beliefs and core values. After that narrow to more important beliefs and most important belief and value. To choose your most important value and belief, think about what impact you want to have, what you want others to remember you by.

7. Identify your goals. Write down about your priorities in life and your goals. Make a list of your short-term goals (from one to three years) and long-term goals (beyond three years).

8. Write down your mission statement. Incorporate items three to seven from the above and start writing your personal mission statement. Don’t rush through this and make it concise. You might have to write and re-write a few times before getting it right.

9. Live it. Once you have written your personal mission statement, it is time to apply it. Remind yourself daily of your personal mission statement so that it is etched into your conscious mind and subconscious mind.