Rahmath Legend


My name is Abdul Majid Mohd Gani and I provide Financial advisory services in both conventional and Islamic finances.

A little something about me.

I was financially illiterate for the first 20 years of my adult life. Having graduated with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, I found a job that paid relatively well. I worked hard and I spent most of my income. I saved a bit. I had no idea about investment. My view on money and personal finance was influenced by what other people as clueless as I was told me. I learned many things about money the hard way. It was painful as it was informative.

As I slowly begin to realise that if I don’t get myself educated in personal finances I am going to be old and poor. I do not want to live an undignified life in my old age.

I enrolled in programs to get myself educated. I am a Certified Financial Advisor and the last 10 years have been helping others to manage their finances better. I have conducted workshops on personal finances focusing on retirement plan.

I also do training on soft skills and work with various business organisations to create a culture of excellence in the workplace.

I started this blog to share my thoughts on finance, health, workplace excellence, management, leadership and topics that I find interesting.

I reside in Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia.

If you wish to get in touch with me or have any queries on how I can help you, please leave your email here.